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The SFMS representatives are participating in the 26th Egmont Group Plenary meting

During June 30 - July 4, 2019, the SFMS representatives are participating in the 26th Egmont Group Plenary meeting in Hague, Netherlands. More than 450 delegates from 158 FIUs of the world are participating in the Plenary meeting.

During the mentioned meetings, it is planned to approve a number of important projects, including those involving the SFMS, in particular the Egmont Group report on the project “Instruments and Practices of the FIU for the Investigation of Money Laundering from Corruption”, in the framework of which the “The List of Indicators of Egmont Group for cases related to corruption from the FIU perspective” was also developed.
Subsequently, the public part of this report will be disseminated by the SFMS among the relevant state financial monitoring entities, reporting entities and law enforcement authorities.
Within the mentioned project the operational training for the participants of the meeting will be held, during which the SFMS representative will tell about the possibilities of using the List of Indicators during the analytical work by the representatives of the SFMS, other public authorities and the private sector. The SFMS is one of the team leaders of this project.
In addition, other projects involving the SFMS, in particular: “Professional Money Laundering Facilitators”, “FIU-Customs Cooperation Handbook”, “Human Trafficking”, will be approved.
During the Plenary meeting, the Public cooperation (cooperation between public authorities) will be discussed by all stakeholders, as well as other projects and initiatives of 4 working groups will be approved. 
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